Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Callemans Motiv for the 9 daya a "week" ?

here a snapshot from a Carl Calleman - LongCount - article:

The reason for this is mainly that it is not generally known that there is not merely one, but in fact nine, calendars that are about to be completed. Each of these calendars describes a wave movement of evolution and it is the ninth of these that is designed to bring the unity consciousness that represents the current hope of mankind as it provides a necessary starting point for the birth of a new world.

When we realize ourself the great importance of the 9 Lord(enear)s of Time hidden in 9 Layer of accomplishing a "pretty tough" cycling by then we get at AWE and ...

it is pretty common to set this monumental(ity) bifurcation point in our diary.

so let us wellcome the "new aeon" that has many labels ...


i stick to "noo" as the shortes one next to -0- / zero as a number

this as a notion

"from a distant shore"

(bullet the blue sky, U2)


Here we walktalk the serendipity life lived "on a distance shore" ...

we walk simultaneous to the KweakinG-blo* (rather blow than blog:)
which celebrates a GLORYdaya - see that FLAGG and some notes.

But then what is the BIRD?

Well , Kweak is based on DreamSpell calendar and has some properties:
* it adoors the number 9 in a string of 999199919991999*9991 etc.
* it has its own LongCountAura (LCA) at 9 Tzokin Cycles which guarantees each KIN to be a BIRD once in the whole cycle
** the BIRD is the KIN number in that LCA which has a 9 based fractal integer
*** example today is KIN252 in the first round labelled 0/zero: 252/9=28
*** highest number KIN is 2340 which fractals onto 260 (the Tzolkin 13x20 counter)

So here we have 252 as a bird and its properties/charateristics are:
* 1 body, 2 wings, 2 tipping points
** the body is the 9'er: here Overtone Human
** the wings have in the past 249-250-251 : moon, dog, monkey
** in the future we have 253-254-255 : skywalker, wizard, eagle
** 2 tipping points are 248-star and 256-warrior

This formation speaks the melody of the bird at charge / focus ...

It is a song that spreads across a timespan of "a kweak-length" ...
And we all know the kweak-length is 9 daya although they do not match "all the time", simply because they play a game - the game of the living planet

so lets radiate our ions with the noosphere "all'eyes"
s'ace ~ kin022 in DreamSpell; LC220; 3K242

Monday, March 22, 2010


for quite a period i'm practicing talk as speak in UCS , united community of spirits.

in that coöperation in dialogue training some silent writers have their themes that include simultaneous bigger issues , as we all migh remember them.

since about 11:11:11 (november 11, 2009 grid fusing practice) i go telepathically with some guys over there as the aka dogon ...

here "a must reading" by dogon
that articulates similarities as kweak in fact does (when it is practiced for a while - say about 3 moons)

simply by referring to one another we collaborate the network zlliance that includes all spirits articulating the planetary soul level.

namasté S'ace

Friday, March 19, 2010

alternative to the strict command

the japanese way of the flower is ...
to adapt a thing and adding something to that into personal perfection.

this is a method that wields the strict command into an even more spiritual one ...

that is actually the challenge kweak offers while we all follow the orders as strict as we all personally can ...

here an image that firstly meshes up every thing we learned initially:

6 positions changed: 2 changed postion and 4 mada a roundabout.

7 => 5
6 == 6
5 => 1
4 => 3
3 => 4
2 => 7
1 => 2

3 and 4 changed position
1257 => 2715

but then do not just fix a focus on the numbers ...

advise: focus on the image of each seal to get a feeling on there position ...

"why is this one on this position / chakra?"

remember we got at a departur station to experience something totally different!

as a guidance for "pionears and bivids" ...


a bivid iz a planetary worshipper offering soul / authenticity

iz March 20, 2010 initializing kweak as 9991?

suddenly a GRID daya appears "that was never recognized as a 9991 primeur" ...

what is the trigger?

i was informed by lawoftime to GRID on March 20 - tomorrow!

then more information was received and attuned by the bodily lab.

refer to quote there: "That is why the remaining 1.000 days until the 21 December, 2012 is very important for the mankind."

So that iz about having March 20 as this memory sync gathering telepathically ...

So what is ths link with Kweak, here?

realize that March 21 we have 999 kin until Dec 21, 2012

which makes 1000 break into 999+1 daya ...
and there we have 27+1 = 3x (3x3) +1 as the formula within exactly number 1000

can u align on that "trick"?

this iz what "a Merlin typo" achieves by wielding the rod ...


Galactic Synchronization Crew

We have an interesting moment in the DreamSpell & WorldWideGrid Game ...

Here it is spiced with the daily TMQ + comments

in the message / call by law of time we have this definition:

1. A Galactic Synchronization Crew may be defined as a group of three or more people who are attuned to the reality and meaning of 2012 as a climactic event that augurs a change in the frequency of time and a consequent mind shift. The purpose of this unprecedented shift is to prepare our terrestrial habitat for galactic synchronization.

as urane & bolon ik presence i would add this 3 methods to apply as a group of three / 3 :

spiral & love based

lineair & life based

circular & void based

i try to give an example on this on the kweak walktalk base

ciao S'ace

so i try to get some instructions on the 3 methods to apply ...

1st draw:

1: spiral & love based
is the rhythm and rhyme that flows on Venus and 2 partner planets (find out which ones)

lineair & life based
is the rhythm and rhyme given by the sequential flow of things happening; it is Mars based as a "dominant" masculine force which appears in the physical realm

circular & void based
is the thythm and rhyme given by a circular phenomenon which was hardly to "proof" by scientific oriented and programmed individuals. They often were kept in some mental box to affirm their economical outcome by planned bases / fundamentals. They will often see tins notion as an assault which is actually noit the case - it is just a given entry to be set free on each individual as a warrior


later more, S'ace

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FAQ1 ~ what is the KEY motive to settle on kweak?

hmmm ~ may i have some keys that merge on the "settling"?

so here FAQ1 - KEY1 (that pops up in time-sequential order):

the ol'tzolkin cycling tapestry "claims to have" the eldertype on 73 cycles popping up out of "the life lived in spiritual mood".

which is a method of inspiring the "young ones" to learn by acting life and cycles as they pop up in their tribes.

~~~ and then we got the "globalization and technosphere turbo-effect"

What is happening?

Internet, mobilizations, influenses from infinite journalists, "cash-de-flow" & stagnation, egoic sufferance ... crisis all on the lead ...

Anchoring for what?

A keynote might be: "fuse the merge and merge the fuse"

and get on another "node" as a global calendric system moved us into a "decline", which never was on a missions target from conscientious mind and negotiation basics.

"something" kept us in a boX ... aha! the X : 4 and 5 marker having the center as the VOID , the O'mega turnover tradewind.

That is the story of the 7777 illusion as 28 equalization "solution" ... and that is what kweak is all about ... also promoting GBS' and Wohlsam as better models to come along ... "togather" and together ...

so there "we R" - we are at 3rd EYE vizion - 9991 & 9991999 & 999*999 as the 3 motives.

the * is about the 3 anchoring methods how the TIME accomodating SOULdaya behaves:

- once a Moon
- once a Year
- once a TimeSpan s'Quad (4 yearseasons merging at SiriusLeapday , which causes 2 "DooT" days in a row - 1st one july 25, 2012 skipping february 29)

it iz all in KweaK ~ dear OneZ

the WHO as the "Y" (why) - gggeneration

The third book of the Cosmic Chronicle walks through the Meaning as Understanding of Art. And a song communicates an "idea" as a "long distance call".

"My G G G...eneration"
is the focus given by the WHO.

And we have at least 3 pointers to get into another one (using an ol'format):

the X generation
the Y generation
the Z generation
the after Z generation : see a subline in the previous reading ;-)

And "Y" do i dare to pinpoint to the Q:
the Q-generation

Simply while it represents the warriors and the human and the star and the seed and for all the sun within and without "me" & "us" as soulmates and timetravellers in a sphere often given word in "cubes".

Most communicated characters here ... still spaces ... as catalyzers.


right ... just written with no disturbance of our silence - while u might have contemplated "a storyline" ...

shhh S'ace :: all generations (to co~me)

when do we get synchrone?

on the current kweak 2/3 in 13moon9 we have those KIN numbers arranged on day 1 and 9 trice and day 28 once:

notice: kweak is 3 days ahead of dreamspell (day1 in DS = day4 in 3K) while it is a psi-calendar pionearing the noospheric warriors

(234 = cosmic wizard => day 1 of kweak 2/3 in moon 9)
9: 225-233 234-242 243-251 252 => OverTone Human as GLORYdaya nr. 28/28

here we see a number 9 kin is actually on daynumber 1/9 of a kweak which should be on sync on daynumber 5/9 while that is the center. then each GLORYdaya moves the position of the number 9 kin. THEN ... what i like to see is when we have a first moon that is on sync ... which might happen every 9th 13moon serial/as a unit.

(just subtract 260 to get the kinnumber in next table; kweak counts until 2340=9x260)
10: 253-257-261 262-270 271-279 280 => kin020 is GLORYdaya DS ref. : Resonant Sun
11: 281-285-289 290-298 299-307 308 => kin048 is GLORYdaya DS ref. : Solar Star
12: 309-313-317 318-326 327-335 336 => kin076 is GLORYdaya DS ref. : Spectral Warrior
13: 337-341-345 346-354 355-363 364 => kin104 is GLORYdaya DS ref. : Cosmic Seed
01: 365-369-373 374-378-382 383-387-391 392 => kin132 is GLORYdaya

So there we are ... Moon1 of next 13MoonYear is exactly on the BIRD SYNC where the kinnumber is striking daynumber 5 the NESSdaya Center of a Kweak of 9 daya.
We have 369 , 378 & 387 as the birdkin on sync having NESSdaya as the center.

Then we have "the DRAGON" and "the BAT" on a great synchronicity which can be on the GRID when we all work together gathered in and as a vast groupy!

Imagine how this could happen ?

Starting out of nothing (or NooThing?) we managed to align ...
Then i pinpoint to the fact we do not have to be on sync all the time ... from the systemic that "rules" we simply know ("nóó") this will happen every 9th moon from then on - so moon10 is the next and then moon 19=6 etc. just as the wavespells have there rhythm in the Tzolkin.

So the first KIN on Bird will be 369, a wonderfull number that equals 1Moon5 - ovettone wind in the 2nd running kweakyear ... having the 1st one as prelimenary - it may be valued as the 1st KweakYear and we might wonder if this is the introduction of the premise made by Bolon Ik towards her Lover Paval Votan.

Imagine to be an Observer partaking in the Happening that envows ...

;-)>~~~ S'ace

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

kweak talking with Eden Sky Tzolkin Promotions

in this image :

kweakcap'n is catalyzing the idea that 7777 should shift into 9991 calendric pattern all over the planet in the shortest period we can manage . just see this offer as a substitute for the Year2K project about 11 years ago ... ;-)>~~~

here a dutch site that promotes the work of Eden Sky ~ who is also one of my guides in the 2012 accomodation of humility and people on this spaceship Earth ...

Bye! Bye ,Love!

C U Soon Enough

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Guiding Kweak in Gee

This blog guides the Kweak in Gee BlogSpot.

It started in Moon 9 - Jaguar Moon on March 3, 2010 ... with a design for the Y form that exists out of 3x3 daya: total 9 daya a kweak. GLORYdaya of the 8th Moon

On March4 the DreamSpell KIN225, LongCount 177, TreeKweak 402 aka 142 opened this vibration having 9daya in the scope ...

March12 closed that kweak - the LOVEkweak - 1st out of 3 kweaks a MOON (mapping is the 13Moon Setup).

The Design Flow determined only 1 kweak is active and each one has 9 days to print the current kweak. No history is built up on this method. Just be online 5 minutes a day either online or by print of the current does the most of the "T~ChinG" ~ practioners learn to rely on that and have a buzz on that in deeper contacts.

Every now and then Questions appear , sometimes on telepathic node - as we learn to attune on that most elegant channel delivered by electrical planetary aura - the noosphere. We daily read the TMQ guidance which is strictly DreamSpell based however we are Bridging the Bolon Ik Deliverance with Pacal Votan.

In La'kesh, S'ace ~ 3K242 :: Galactic Wind in TreeKweak node at 9 as 3x3 sQuare

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LC Ninth Wave

considering an announcement from dr. Calleman 9 kin before "DooT" on july 17/18 we here at kweak see for some parameters criscrossing our imaginations and arousing for the merging fusion.

note the longcount kin point at 52 & 53 !
* 52 as cosmic human => indicating the Cosmic Gate for Human Race
* 53 as the REED1 spice linked in as QuetzalCoatl ~ the Feathered Serpent

Let us see for some dates as july 17/18 this year and the oct 28, 2011 in DS/LC/3K:

100 052 152 july 17
101 053 154 july 18
048 260 048 oct 28, 2011

AHA ~ OCtober 28, 2011 is exactly SUN13 - kin 260 which is of course linked to the definition that LongCount took a long time ago ... from origin well.

Did some arousal influence the spell of the Ancient Maya ... or is it just the Human Race builtin some digesting methods to "plan their move" ... or is this a matter that cannot be planned at all?

Maybe we just have a margin between oct 28, 2011 and dec 21, 2012 ?

Then it might be a good option to mark SUN9 - Kin100 from Dreamspell as a Crucial Walker ... that mobilizes a lotta fun ...

3Kweak gives 152 and 154 as central "senses":

Solar Human GAP in the 2nd row of 10 GAPS ...
Spectral Wizard GAP also in that range(r)

we have to see what we are heading for and how we are lead by the mystery guide, aYe ...

in la'kesh ala kin, S'ace ~ a bivid biovoiding

Sunday, March 7, 2010

magic mystery square alignment

in kweak~in~G we are in the MMS- alignment while KIN148 is hit by DS 228 and LC 180, resp. STAR7 and SUN11 (408-260).

In the Tzolkin Tapestry this gives the magic square on the verticals 108-113 and 148-153 and the horizontales 108-128-148 and 113-133-153.

Those 4 "lines" i9nclude the MMS: 129-130-131-131 in the centerpoint of the Tzolkin.

And this is a True Vast Focus ... on this Active Planet.

When happenings occur in the individual observance , do not hesitate to come in and narrate that into the expressive cells all around mada available.

S'ilence is one of them, in telepathic realm ... of course!

Mark the number of KIN in this magic square: 18 (also 2.9 and 9.2)

') always note 9 as the third prime in square mode: 3x3=9 (a universal song/chord)

Friday, March 5, 2010


i'm In there!

and i see the hands in a pretty Y'INY'ANG(RY) fruitile gestur to Intake

fellowww HÚ man partnear ...

S'ace Y


How to Read the Code from OctoPussy?

Here a reading from U'r host S'ace:

the body communicates 4 circles which indicates the mystery number 4 ...
it's in the range 04 13 22 31 40 (49 ...) from core scope
when it is centered then 22 is the most mirroring and thereby learning formation
this makes every 1/7 chakra unity as a twin body ...
which is simultaneous the the medical symbol of 2 snakes dwelling there dance ...

So the 7 indicate number 14 as the number of snakes which is a familiar composition when we look to our hands and feet : 1 & 4 ...

( just mark the difference in the number of bones! ')

i am open to receive alternative sights!

ThX :: being hera , S'ace

') a foot has 2 thumbs / 3x3+2x2 bones

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Well Well Well

Co Me ~ on this WalkTalkSpace ...
where we can exchange happenings having the Kweak in Gee as a Meditation or SideWalkStick to attune our NooWorld ...

We might know this Kweak combines 2 "Legs" in a ThirdOne ...

The 2 Legs are DreamSpell and LongCount Calendric Cycles ...

and the Third One is labelled as TreeKweak which is oriented on a 9 days a week rise.

:: the Moment
Mystery Marmoreus
aka Bolon Ik , White Solar Wind (DS),
aka Yellow Crystal Sun (LC),
aka White Galactic Wind (3K)