Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A voting daya in the Netherlands

some daya seem to have a focus of a lot of people in an area ...

such a daya is this very daya march 2, 2011 in the Netherlands because they vote for Province Governance and behind that the First Chamber is re-filled.

so i see for DreamSpell, LongCount Treekweak fratals by number ...

Dreamspell : 068 -yellow electric star

LongCount: 020 - yellow resonant sun

TreeKweak: 088 - yellow planetary star

As we see here 2 stars go with the resonant sun ... what does this bring up as an insight?


Then we have to gather 3 Treekweak Numbers while both 87 and 89 carry 88 ...
Another trinity within the trinity pops up as worthwhile to see for its Oracle Read:
3x88 = 87+88+89 = 240+24 = 264 ... which cuts into 004: yellow self-existing seed

can we here envision this seed to the Democratic Systemic
which is on-coming to facilitate the human beings?

Electric Resonant Planetary equal 3+7+10 => 20 minus 13 - Resonant
So how resonant zre the people in the Netherlands to anoother way of electing representatives?
Is there still a need for representatives in this game of marionettes?

How can we reach their Speak?

Doesnt this sound for the  planetary weaving march? the challenge (tone  2) ...