Thursday, April 15, 2010

How 13 seals cover 9 dimensions

is my title here for a showtime
where the bolontiku (9) pops up out of the oxlahuntiku (13)

this is also in number 49 while that one iz 13 numeric and vibrates the mystery number 4 and the Lord of Time number 9

and 49 iz vibrated in the TMQ of the day

So the figure has a triangle on 1-7-13 ... the outermost pinpoints that represent the 7th 8th 9th Dimension - shortly indicated.

2-3-4 represent a copy-triangle in lowest dimension 1

5-9-12 represent the 3 dimensions that catalyse in 4-5-6

6 and 7 form a dualistic breathing as pulsar, say dimension 2
and 10 and 11 as well ..., say dimension 3

in this simple form we transformed the 13 seals into a 9 dimensions continuum.

and this can be meditated for its validity, will u try and feedback?

thX :: acting on the shifT ...
s'ace aka bolon ik aka calahun ahau (DS & LC)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


(pre-post-status: i've to dream on this)

the bivideotex gives on KALI:
11 1 12 9 => 33 (0/6/9)

the numeric difference in the chain vibrates : -10 +11 -3 +2

~~~ more to vibrate in words ...

Friday, April 9, 2010

The 33rd Galactic Spin

... (since Harmonic Convergence) begins Beautifully on Planetary Limi 6
according The Mystery Queen working Noospheric Alliances

having kweak in a 9 frequency as a whole i like to see for the kweak true kinnumber we have ... as a gave the last kweakyearcycle number 0 ... and it could be another number giving the 1st harmoniq as number 0 ... (or was that number 5 ?)

so nr 9 - 18 - 27 are a 9'er at number 8 (as 0 indicates the 1st cycle)

this makes 33 as number 6 indicating 5 full cycles done ...

this makes kin 1 into 1 + 5x260 => 1301

And 261 and 1301 differ 4 cycles of 260 ...

hmmm ... iz there a problem or are we just sensing for the "two ways of accounTing" ...

Maybe after all this is a way of seeing the "Whole running around ma brain"
namasté ~ neureebah

Monday, April 5, 2010

1st day of 10th moon in 13moon

... iz already the 4th one in kweak ... which is 3 days "a'head as a lead"

so we have FAdaya affirming the 13moon leaderkin on Solar Warrior (at TMQ)

what is FAdaya vibrating?

FA-mily ?

FA-culti ?

FA-cility ?


4th tone in DOREMI FA SOLLATI ...
this is a phenomenon written on in Cosmic History Chronicle IV/VII (=4/7)

FA depicts a phaseshift where doremi (do ray me ?) is the first serial , probably the love-life phase that keeps us all "in some mood for being correct".

FA-SOL-LA iz on that vision the 2nd phase serial , the LIFE-LOVE phase , which depicts the way we transcend the TRUE into the BEAUTY by acting GOOD ... as integer=authentic human beings/individuals digesting the "transfers" we are obliged to commit.

TI-DO-RAY is by then the 3rd form / serial that most simply vibrates the 3rd phase - which confirms the BEAUTY of the BEAST/BEATS ... as MELODY is mergi SOUND and RHYTHM ...

poëthic and po'ethical ...
fusing the kin'ethical(culative peace as a heartpace)


Interesting to see for the kweakflag again?
and spell its daily treekin in a mapping ...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

electric mirror in TreeKweak

Did u know the reason for having 1 April as the funnyday?
This i learned from reading TMQ of the day, overtone skywalker.

Then the KWEAK revelation entered the 10th moon of the DOG as POWERPET.

So we have an open door into this "countdown of 27 daya" into the next GLORYdaya ;-)

And this is a good moment to see for the 3 kinspells we have on focus:
DS skywalker 6
LC serpent 10
3K mirror 3

The skywalker organizes ...
the planetary life force from ...
having an electrified introspection journey ...
in about no time at all ...

AWEsome ...