Sunday, August 29, 2010

crystal table roundabout

on this closure of the crystal table ...
it seems time to clear up the kweak alignment in this year and the coming ...

there for a comment is quoted here at Mystery Queens Play

how is 142 placed in a kweakbird interval?
just add the past cycle(s) to that kin …
while we have just 1 out of 8 cyclues gone,
we add 1×260 to 142 …
this gives 402 ;
then we see for the closest “9″ which is 405 (4+5/9=1=>integer)
this is the form -~~~*~~~+
where -*+ indicate 2 electrified tipping points and * is the body/bird
the waves indicate 3 kin as wings that make us fly in noospheric formations
the kin string active iz 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409
giving RED DRAGON as the -/minus attractor tipping point
and RED MOON as the +/plus attractor tipping point …
and it iz the 3rd MOON SEAL in this running yearcycle of OVERTONE MOON
the bird itself is the SERPENT on 405
it is spiced as LUNAR in SEED wave 404 …
which is marked by a double 4 in the KIN vibration
this as an alternative line working together with DreamSpell allies
in order to make a circular movement in an energetic dimension that allows a third power to screw and open up the bottle “that was closed in order to open up in gathered states”
ahau ~ sunday – SIRdaya 369.2.1.7 ‘)
‘) this year the kweakformation is starting on FAdaya and ends up in SIR-SUN-MOON dayas as sequencenumber 7-8-9
“) it was hard to see for its function; but then its crux was that it delivers a real entry to the alignment at the law of time that is on 4 running yearcycles as a whole; by having the dynamic also in the kweak formation, it is a heavenly tool to maintain our intuition force at every human well / kin alive.

so the sequence of each kweak in this 369 year of OVER~T'ONE MOON is
FAdaya NESSdaya KINdaya WINDdaya URdaya SOULdaya SIRdaya SUNdaya MOONdaya

which overhauls the idea that only NESSdaya could be the ventre for the week ...


URdaya is the centre of each kweakweek this yearcycle!
Next year it is WINDdaya, followed by KINdaya in 2012-july24
which indicates the Power of God at work from intuitive serendipitious well ...

Sensing the electrical magnet is about affirming its function: pivote humanity into humility awareness ...

UR S'ace