Thursday, September 23, 2010


in the deeper roots of our 26 character alphabeth we give some entries that might radiate locally

as ACE decodes into number 1+3+5=> 9 it is a enneagram keyword

it sure iz a spice in the authors label for its avatar: S'ace

Then we also inspect other words and the additional numbervalue
(1st is classic; 2nd one is bivideotex) followed by the totals:

GRace => 25/16 => 34/25
PLace => 28/23 => 37/32
SPace => 35/19 => 44/28
TRace => 28/16 => 37/25
Face => 6/6 => 15/15
Race => 18/9 => 27/18
S'ace => 19/8 => 28/17

Interesting might be the words that give similar values in the same line:
GRace & TRace -25- in the bivideotex line
PLace & TRace -37- in the classic line
Cross line similarities are:
SPace & S'ace by value 28

but then it is all playfull in order to get radiance shining the light inside

Monday, September 20, 2010

S'ace iz Mo'Sace?

The Question arizes more and more often ...
So why shouldnt i investigate on this with the ones Listening ...

Family Members know that my name label is inherited from Cees Bleeker, who died on june 24, ma birthday in the 80's. He lived in a place called "TUITJEHORN" ... which i always thought as of interest while he was playing the Big Horn in TuijeHORN. He was even decorated by our beloved Queen Juliana because of his 50 years on trust blowing his HORN.

Weird was the habit of all relatives to shout at him by the sound "Kees", where the character "K" (11th) replaced the sharp "C" (3rd). This seemed pretty carnavalesk to me while 11 is the number used by this "clan" that promotes his own "Prince Carnaval".

So after some struggling years experience to get free from struggling at all ... i was asked in 1990 at the installation procedure in the community board at H. : "is it Kees or Cees".

And i said it is "Cees" (from now onwards); which label i spelled as "Sees" at first and later -because of the Internet and English relationship building networks- "S ace".

In 2003 this label seemed to work as a RED Flag on a BULL in my working network in the Water Foundation. Which might have worked out as a Good Lesson to my 2 fiancees W&R. However they seem to be working to get on speaking terms with me since then. There is a good reason for the individuals to get over the former abuse caused by some fictional anger.


In the early days being labelled as S'ace it was also clinged to the WELLLMM non-fictional network where all my personal roles where registered and inclusive as a whole. In lower case it is welllmm, which i labelled as we lllrd milllenium minds. But then "what is a mind"?

S'ace was experimentally linked to "Spades Ace", a card out of 4x13.
It seemed a nickname for Saddam Hussein.

I drifted on my experiment towards "Serendipity Ace", linking my mission to its final destiny.

Other trials were i.e. "Space Ace" & "Solar Ace".
And it was seen in the archetypical role as written to a guy named "Moses": "MoS'ace".

In the last one the "OM" sound iz linked in from the mirror mind in "MO".
SESOM iz as "SESAM open (your HOLE)" aka "OPEN yourself into the FULL CONSCIOUSNESS"


Bivideotex experiment delivers : 8+1+3+5 => 8+9 => 17 as a number clinged to S"ace
where MO adds 25 to that into 42. 42 is in the 3K Tzolkin variant 22+220=>242 - White Galactic Wind

as a Serpent biting its own tail, ;-)) "cheeze"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

CorkScrew P.

Lately the dutch term "kurketrekkerregel" was dropped in a SALON at CHE; the 1st SALON for this YEAR to come ...

In English it refers to CORK SCREW PULL - usually

On the Mystery Queen site this was triggered by an interesting dragonic combo.
3 quite interesting things pop up: Cosmic Corkscrew, the Walrus and the OverTone Dragon itself } ~!~ {
let me explain from my center that is as a Cosmic Corkscrew Pulse itself:
a) the CorkScrewP. rule was introduced by me in a Salon EveNing of CHE/NL 16 daya ago … where P stands for PULL but indeed could also be PUSH and/or PULSE and/or PURE~POSE … (and fill in YO-UR-S)
1st think about 2 forces working together in a leveled plain (as People see the Netherlands as a very tight plain while being a DELTA formed by 3 giant rivers).
Those forces can be two people executing “something for the interest of both”; when they aim on the centerpoint … there would occur a stuck situation: nothing will happen but getting a whole lotta energy in the centerpoint.
2nd then think about the 2 forces moving out of the centerpoint and taking opposite position against the center … now a thing is happening according the CorkScrewP.-rule: the spiral (love-form) “hook” goes into the cork … and from some intelligent design at a certain moment -when the hook got in the cork at a crucial effective moment- the cork moves out of the bottle …
3th motive for this equipment driven by 2 forces that give impulse to a 3rd one iz that they wake up the 4th one (fire) and what happens iz that both human/groups/sides get at peace while that bottle became some fluid essence that can facilitates the sphere (the central powerpoint)
iz a great power pet -as every animal in the self-existing quality perspective- in the human linguistical approach … which requires some Magic Motive in the Imagination Comics …
S’ace happened to be acting in a Fools Festival on March 31 which actually was 1st EasterDaya … that Year (SolarSeed). And the song “I AM THE WALRUS” was played and it was sort of affirmed by the very word “WALRUS” by this trick(ster):
can u see that; well of course we see that and this simply is why those walruses are acting as they do (from my station in the noosphere ally )
bivideotex WALRUS => 4 1 12 9 6 8 => 40 (for zero as the 28th daya in kweak iz labelled as just that)

empower “i am the EGGman” ;-)
C-pop up from the OverTone Dragon is RADIANT understanding :: BIRTH
The act for the pionear; and as mass awakening momentum getting the center reason for self-existence as self-experience motiv …
In my life this sort of happened by meeting a special KIN 296 – planetary earth at DreamSpell “leg”; also Kin195 – cosmic eagle in LongCount and by combination spelling 192 in kweak : Planetary Human: Wisdom Manifesting itself …
Quite a story which also imploded my brains into 142837 which is linked here (keeping this articlues moderate ;-)
BonVoYaGe S’ace, Bolon Ik in IXwave from MM (magnetic moon star)
 The Ghost iz Liberathed in the Sphere where we all Live together as W'all~RuS'ace Does ;-)

smile 2 that and thy hat ;-) :-))

Sunday, September 12, 2010

the GONG } bang bang boing {

since about a y'ear i listen and participate in the noosphere alliance that investigates and develops from that into the more splendor "a wanna see in the world" ...

this is a latest comment given on the MAGNETIC EARTH seal ...

the momentum gesture envowed to me to put a Question ::ward:

"What does the noo Y ear starting from 912/2010 aka MagneticEarth bring us, the TMQ crew?"

i draw it here on the YI simple Yarrow

and saw the result shortly:

Hexagram 44 (oops as in 441 414 144 combined with 1-ness?)



Woman power.
No use to grab the woman

The great image says:
Everywhere under Heaven there is Wind: the heir.
The prince carries out his mandate, proclaiming it to the four regions

THEN the changeline on 3 spoke:

 Hexagram 06


The Gong speaks

If one has truth there is obstruction
Alert and central: auspicious
To the end: pitfall
Harvest: seeing great people
No harvest: crossing the great stream

The great image says:
Heaven associating with water is incompatible movement: contention.
 The noble one, when he sets up affairs, plans ahead.


EARTH is the planets navigathor ~ including all its lifecrew longing :: transcedance (?)

This is also in lign with the mission offered to my legal officer role ...

let the gong speak for itself from inside out , is my advise ...

+/' S´ace

Saturday, September 11, 2010

telepathy portal

this entry in the blog allows fellowers of the wings to make a contact and see for sharing revelations that pop up from reading this book out of a serial of 7

see the lawoftime site

note about kweak
kweak is a label that spells the 9 daya week
the author seer sees the 4x7 rhythm for a 28 daya moon break into an even more back to urth rhythm / that amplitudes the frequency where people meet again (from the dark era)
that new/noo rhythm and rhyme sets 9991 in form that manifests itself on the planet within 3 years to come.

namasté / in amity / in la'kech ala kin / salamalayka ./ neureebah

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

noosphere talk

i promote this nice blogarticle on the noosphere
in dutch & in english (try your machine translator?)

it affirms mysuspect that we are on the right track considering:
  1. generation binding s'ilence as a democracy systemic that guarantees its purpose / reason for existence
  2. wohlsam as a pyramid reset getting focus on the singularity from breathing
  3. kweak as a smooth triangle facilitated grid beyond our spirit - ur language "noodigm"
  4. 3x8 hours a daya to install the worldclock "in a whippy" banning out all GMT programmatic stuff that sort of banned the individuals from learning curves
this as a state of message from style suspected personality

"we are on a schedule pendulariah"