Friday, June 4, 2010

Lloydine's 55

in ma mourning ;-) suite i saw a contreebution of Lloydine "Arguëless" ...

i could not  resist to formulate a reply on that impulse:

in the vibration of '55 is ma KIN022 destiny-path , dear Lloydiné.

thank you for this tribute to the Electified Eagle's Eyes!

anecdôte: in ma 1st years i was empowered to cherish ma 3rd EYE chakra - without knowing that as by serenditipious interact from the cosmo-noo

what happened ?

a nice uncle was kind of teasing me often by saying : "aha there we have Cornèl Pajor (a famous Hungarian IceScater)". The child reacted "furious" by pronouncing his name with repeating sound and rhythm:

"i am not Cornèl Pajor ~ i am SaceSee SaceSee SaceSee"

Well, later in ma life i learned to "See" that the "a" sound in Sace facilitates the 6th Chakra and the "ëe" sound in See facilitates the 7th Chakra. This was all linked to the idea that i am on sync with the 022 "power" in Solar Wind and with other adventures.

in lak'ech ala kin
S'ace aka Bolon Ik Typo'

(i cannot predict it is place on that site, so here i put it in an Album of MemoRiches)